Wednesday, January 27, 2016

How To Shape Your Brows At Home

Who here has had a life altering brow waxing experience at a salon? Unfortunately that has happened to me several times. I came to learn that the only one I can trust with my brows is myself. Though it took some practice to perfect what shape works best for me, it's saved me some dollars, and a whole lot of embarrassment.


Start by taking a long, thin brush or pencil and anchor one end to the corner of  your mouth, and the middle to the side of your nose. This will show you where the front of your brow should land.

To find where the highest part of your arch should be, again anchor the brush to the corner of your mouth, the middle to the outside edge of your iris, and where the end lands is where your arch should be. This is just a guide to get a rough idea of where things should be, but as you can see, I like my arch to be a little further out.

Next to find where the tail of your brow should be, start at the corner of the mouth, line it up with the outside corner of your eye, and this will show you where the tail should end. Again, I like to extend mine out a little further. Feel free to move things around slightly, but always return back to this method as a starting point.

When shaping your brows, try to avoid the shape pictured above, it's a very unflattering shape that I myself used to do (cringe). I prefer to to follow the line all the way to to where the brow arches downward, like the photo below. Does this make sense? I sure hope so!

Those are my tips for how the brows should be shaped, now let me show you how I actually do this. First take a spoolie brush and brush the brow hairs upward. This lets you better remove the stray hairs and create a sharp line.

Next, remove any stray hairs that are outside your desired shape with a good pair of tweezers. I recommend Tweezerman tweezers every time. Pluck only a couple hairs at a time because it is very easy to get carried away and suddenly have over done things. If you are doing a heavy duty job and completely changing the shape of your brows, make sure to only remove one row of hair at a time.

Remove a few hairs, then sit back and look at your entire face. If looking at your brows only super close up, they will not look the same when you take a step back. Slow and steady wins the race. Make sure you remove stray hairs in your unibrow and above your brow as well. I would have a sensational unibrow if I didn't pluck it.

Filling In

Now that you have shaped your brows just how you like, its time to fill them in. When filling mine in, I try to make them full, thick, and dark, but still as natural as possible.

My favorite tool to use is a thin brow pencil, such as the Anastasia Brow Wiz or the Nyx Micro Brow Pencil. I go into detail on the Nyx brow pencil in my 2015 Makeup Favorites post.

Starting at the front of the brow, make light upward strokes to mimic the direction of your natural brow hairs. The front of your brows should be the lightest in color so be sure not to apply too much pressure.

Next, define the upper and lower edge of the brow. You don't want to draw one solid line, this doesn't look natural, instead use strokes that mimic the look of actual brow hairs. This is also where you want to fill in the middle if you have any sparse areas.

Last fill in the tail of your brow. Mine is very short and sparse so this is where I have the most work to do.

After you've done all your filling in, take the spoolie again and brush out any harsh lines. Then slap on some brow mascara so the hairs stay in place all day and you're done!

Please comment below if you have any further questions or need something clarified. Thank you so much for stopping by!

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Top 5 Winter Lip Colors

I am so ready for Winter to be over, but I'm not ready to give up these gorgeous lipsticks quite yet. I guess I'll put up with the cold for just a little bit longer. These are the shades I've been wearing the crap out of this season, and lets be honest, I'll probably continue wearing them the rest of the year.

Tip: Before applying lipsticks, especially matte formulas, you need to make sure your lips are free of dead, dry skin. A lip scrub will take care of that for you. Today I used my Perfectly Posh Makout Magic Lip Scrub.

Milani "Pretty Natural" - $6.83

This special little lipstick made the cut because it's nice n' neutral, but still has a little somethin' somethin' that adds some color and depth to your look without being so dark and overwhelming. Aaaand it smells like those giant spiral lollipops you get at Disneyland which is a massive plus.

The finish of this lipstick is part of what makes me love it so much. It's not quite matte, not quite satin, so you get the best of both worlds. It's my most worn red, which is probably why it looks like I accidentally ran it through the washer, and that may actually be the case.

Mac "Rebel" - $17

Say hello to my very first Mac lipstick ever! That means it's been with me for a long time and has been well loved. If you want to dabble into plum lipsticks but don't want to commit to going completely purple, give this one a try. This is a fun one to change up your look to something a little more edgy.

Maybelline Color Blur "Partner in Crimson" - $7.19

This guy is fairly new to my collection, but has quickly moved up in the rankings. Its a stunning matte cool toned deep red. Side note: if you have blue eyes, this looks amazing!

L.A. Girl Matte Flat Finish Pigment Gloss "Secret" - $5

This matte liquid lipstick is no joke, as soon as you put it on and it dries down, it's there for the next 3 weeks. Not really, but you need legit makeup remover to get it off. So if you are not up for the work this one involves, don't bother. But besides that, I am obsessed with this shade and the longevity.

Which shades dig their way out of the depths of your makeup drawer in the Winter?

Monday, January 18, 2016

Outfit Of The Day: Winter Flannel

We moved to a completely new city a couple of months ago and my husband has been such a hard working, busy beaver at his new job, we haven't had much time to explore. Finally we took the time to go see what there is to see.

There is the most charming historic downtown district so I knew I wanted to take some pictures of my go to winter outfit. I wear a flannel probably 5 days out of the week, I have no shame. 

A slouchy flannel gets taken off the hanger most often because they are so.. stinkin.. comfy. Not only do they feel like a pajama top, but if you are part of the "Itty Bitty Titty Committee" like your girl here, you can get away with a light weight bralette or one of those camisoles with the built in bras. I have a love/hate relationships with those things. This makes for more comfort, and I am all about that comfort.

All of the outfit and make up details are listed down below.

Flannel / Cotton On
Skinny Jeans / H&M (in black)
Booties / Forever Young Shoes or Amazon

Foundation / Nars Sheer Glow
Contour / Nyx Contour Kit
Eyeshadow / Lorac Pro Palette

Monday, January 11, 2016

Beauty On A Budget: Top 10 Under $10

When buying inexpensive beauty products, it's always a toss up. Sometimes the quality is lacking,  but other times you can find some real gems. I've dug through my collection to unearth 10 of those gems (see what I did there?) under $10!

1. Coty Airspun Loose Face Powder in Translucent $6.49

This list is not it any particular order, but I had to mention this powder first. This loose powder rivals every high end powder I have ever tried, and I have tried a lot. When using this to set your foundation and concealer, it gives extra coverage as well as smooths and blurs imperfections on your skin. No filters needed! While the smell is reminiscent of playing with my mom's makeup in the 90's, it's not a deal breaker. If I could get you to try one product, it would be this one.

2. e.l.f Blush Palette in Light $6

This baby has been in my 'everyday makeup drawer' since the day I got it. The quality for the price can not be beat. You get four incredibly pigmented shades.There is not a single dud in this palette, every shade is stunning. There is never a need to pull out another blush, this is all you need.

3. L'Oreal Infallible Eyeshadow $7.99

If shimmer is your thing, hurry and buy every shade. These pressed pigment eyeshadows are not only great for being under $10, but they would be great for any price. When applied to the eyelid, they have almost a metallic finish. I find that using my finger to apply these shadows give the most color payoff, but if you want a softer, diffused look, a brush does that nicely. They offer so many stunning shades, from neutrals to bright blues. My heart beats a little faster every time I look at these, ah the beauty!

From left to right: Iced Latte, Eternal Sunshine, Amber Rush

4. L.A. Girl Pro Conceal $5

Thanks to my rowdy two year old, and genetics, I have developed some under eye bags in a lovely purple-y blue shade. This concealer has come to save the day. This stuff is no joke, it is heavily pigmented and a thick consistency to hide even the darkest of circles. In my experience, when concealers are this type of thick consistency, they tend to crease and cake up, but somehow this just melts into the skin to look quite natural. After sleepless nights, this concealer is my saving grace.

5. Maybelline Full N' Soft Waterproof Mascara $7.99

I talk about this mascara every time I get a chance, so I won't go on for too long here. I just had to include it in this list, I wouldn't have been able to sleep if I didn't. If you want more detail, check out my 2015 Favorites - Makeup. In short, this is the greatest mascara known to man kind and everyone needs to experience it in all of its glory. That's all for now.

6. Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream $6

If you love the look of a matte lip, but can't stand the drying feeling of most matte lip products, you need to give these a try! They are the most amazing consistency, almost a soft whipped type of a texture so they keep the lips moisturized. There are a ridiculous amount of shades available so chances are your perfect color is in there somewhere. My most worn shade is 'Cannes'.

Left to right: San Paulo, Cannes

7. L'Oreal Brow Stylist Plumper $7.99

We live in a world filled with a vast array of brow mascaras, but this one takes the cake. You can use this on its own to give your brows a little tint and keep them in place, or you can use it on top of what you used to fill them in. It is infused with fibers which cling to your natural brow hairs to give a fuller look ala Cara Delevingne.

8. e.l.f Makeup Brushes $1-3

This is probably one of the more surprising items on this list, but let me tell you, these brushes are bomb. I have tried several and have not been disappointed by a single one. My favorite is the 'blending eye brush' which was $1! I don't understand how they make their products so affordable, but I'm not going to ask questions! The brush never gets brittle or scratchy, which unfortunately I can't say for some of my more expensive brushes. Other honorable mentions include the 'powder brush' and 'small stipple brush'.

9. Batiste Dry Shampoo $7.99

If you are at all like me and procrastinate washing your hair as long as possible, you need this in your life. I have spritzed many different dry shampoos in my hair and almost always instantly regret it. Most of these offenders leave my hair feeling even more dirty and gritty. This one however, gives your hair that freshly washed, soft and slippery feeling. No more throwing your greasy strands up into yet another top knot. All you do is spray the powder into the roots of you hair and let it sit to work its magic, then massage it into your roots, Make sure you still wash your body though, or people will know your secret.

This is a travel sized bottle, priced at about $3

10. CeraVe Moisturizing Cream $11.47

I am slightly breaking the rules with this one, but it serves two purposes so that makes it okay right? This moisturizer is great for use on both your face and your body, so no need to buy both. It is full of amazing ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid, that help protect your skin and keep it soft and smooth. Because of this product, this is the first winter that my skin hasn't gotten dry, flaky, and sore.

There are so many amazing affordable products out there, so get out there and explore! What are your staple drugstore products?

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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Get The Look: Gigi Hadid

If I could steal anyone's makeup look, it would be Gigi Hadid's. So that's exactly what I did. She has nailed the "less is more", fresh faced glow that I am always after. After turning my Pinterest feed into Gigi's number one stalker's feed, I really honed in on how she gets her look.

Gigi (yes, we are on a first name basis) only ever wears golden brown tones on her eyes, those are the colors I am going to work with today. I'm starting with my foundation and concealer already done, that way my eyelids are a nice clean canvas to work on. I want the entire eyelid to have a light glow to it, not shimmer, so I used my Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette which is technically for your face, and used the shade "Dim Light" to give a nice warm glow. This step is probably completely unnecessary, but go big or go home I guess!

Then with a light brown transition shade, use a fluffy tapered blending brush to place the color into the crease and blend upward toward the brow. My favorite is the Mac 217 brush. Also take the color into the outer V and extend it outward. By dragging the color out, it gives the eye a more almond, cat-like shape, just like Gigi's. I wanted to include a clip that shows exactly where the color should be placed because it can be a little hard to describe.

There are many different shades that you can use for this next step, but I chose to use Mac Patina eyeshadow. It's a gorgeous golden taupe color that is very subtle. You could also use a more yellow gold, but for this look 'Patina' seemed like the best option! Place this color with a flat shading brush all over the lid. You can take a little of this under the lower lash line for a tiny bit of definition, but it looks like Gigi kept hers bare.

Her outer corner is deepened ever so slightly. Using the same Mac 217 brush, place a deeper matte brown into the outer V, following that same extended shape made with the transition shade. Remember this isn't a smoky eye, so keep it fairly light.

Another trick to create the illusion of a more elongated eye is to have a bright inner corner. Gigi has a shimmery white gold shadow in her inner corner and dragged slightly onto the upper and lower lids. I used The Body Shop's eyeshadow in "Oh, Honey". I'm afraid this shade may have been discontinued because I couldn't find it online! But any similar shade will do the trick. Quick mini review for you, The Body Shop eyeshadows are so incredibly underrated. They are just as good, if not better than my Mac shadows. Even better, they are on sale online right now for $5! I'll pick my jaw up off the floor now and move along.

After doing some research, one of Gigi's tricks to give her eyes a 'twinkly' appearance is to line the waterline with a golden champagne shade. I first used a nude liner, then layered a gold liner by Mally over the top because I didn't have a shade as light as I wanted. Improvise people.

This is probably the most important part of the look, the cat eye liner. She does hers in a very specific shape that gives her eyes that look that I can't shut up about. Draw a straight line out from the corner of the eye, the shape has no curve to it. The extend a straight line back connecting with your lash line and color it it. She only takes the liner to above her pupil, make sure not to bring it in too far. My all time favorite liquid eyeliner is the Kat Von D Tattoo Eyeliner in Trooper. I can't even remember how long I have owned this, and it still hasn't dried out. It's a miracle!

I always set my liquid liner with a matte black shadow. If you're not a pro with your liner, try this trick. By pressing the black shadow over top with a small angled brush, it helps to blend any wobbly lines and makes it look more perfect. Not only that but it helps your liner stay put all day.

According to Gigi, she can't put a strip lash on to save her life, so she loves individual lashes! So pop on a couple coats of mascara (today I used Maybelline Full N' Soft and Tarte Gifted mascara) and lets get to the lashes. There are so many different varieties of individual lashes and in my opinion they are all just as great as the last. I used 4 medium length lashes on the outer half of my eye and 2 short length on the inner half. These give the eyes a flirty, fluttery look without looking fake.

This part is exciting, I was able to find out exactly what lipstick Gigi is wearing in these pictures, and to my pleasant surprise it is from Maybelline! First to define my lips a little more I lined them with Nyx Retractable Lip Liner in Nude.

The Maybelline lipstick she wore was 'Born With It", it's a beautiful nude-y pink color. 

And now you'll be looking bright, and fresh! 

Who do you think has the best makeup? Let me know what you think in the comments!

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